Protect Your Images By Watermarking Them

As I mentioned in a previous post, I use a plugin to easily add Stock Free Photos to my posts. But, sometimes, you may want to use your own photos but, what you don’t want is  someone to “steal” them and use them without your permission. Remember that all images have to be attributed  but some unscrupulous people take them and use them for themselves.


Well, I have just come across a great plugin which can watermark any of your own photos which you may want to use. It is called “Easy-Watermark” and you can find out more about it, and download it from here.

Use this and make sure that your own work won’t be stolen.

Let me know how it goes!


PS Since writing this I came across this link which gives you a list of 12 watermark plugins to use so the choice is yours! Find one that fits the bill! It would be great and very helpful if you could post which one you downloaded and used with your reasons to help other readers out. Share the knowledge!

One Month Mentor – Day 8 – Finding A Niche

Now this is very interesting! How to find a niche according to what we personally like and are good at. Well, I love reading but I am not sure if that exactly qualifies as a niche!

Just one video but with 2 downloadable PDF files. Now I need to think what I am good at!! LOL

I have printed out the sheets and I am going to work on them according to John’s very clear instructions.

More tomorrow on this!

One Month Mentor Program – Day 7 – Replacing Adsense Ads

Oh, the power of advertising!!

Just two videos today so I may be able to catch up a bit. I don’t want to fall too far behind on my schedule.

Today John shows us how to replace an Adsense ad with an affiliate link. But here I have a few problems.

First, I still haven’t received either a yay or a nay from Adsense so I can’t do this.

And secondly, the links given below the video are wrong. They don’t seem to be valid any more. I am a bit peeved about this as I think that everything should be updated and the correct links given. I have contacted the support desk, yet again, to see if they can give me the correct links but, as I said, I feel everything should be up to date with a paid training course.

As I said , on Day 6, we were given an alternative to Adsense but I didn’t know how to log into this alternative (which is free for One Month Mentor members). I had already contacted the support desk but, on Day 7., we are given a coupon code to be able to sign up for free. I feel that this should have been given on the same day it was mentioned to save both us and the support desk time. (I have contacted them so many times they must be getting fed up with me!! LOL But, I am must say again how helpful they are and their replies are very quick) .

I am going to try this out without replacing an Adsense ad as this seems to be possible with the themes we have already downloaded. Stay tuned to this space for an update!

Update: Well, this did not work at all. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but there are no adverts shown at all. First I am going back to Day 6 to check again the, if not, I will have to contact the support desk again. Sigh!! Not a happy camper today. Fortunately I had saved the original file according to John’s instructions so all is not lost.


Where There Is A Will, There IS A Way!!

As you may have seen, and I do hope you have been following my blog, I have not been posting on my progress with the One Month Mentor course. Life, unfortunately, has got in the way!

I have had problems with losing my blog - see this post – and then my daughter has moved back into her flat which she had been renting out. The tenants didn’t exactly look after it. I mean, the maintenance part. She got back to find that the water heater didn’t work and, as the one she had was pretty old with a few”cowboy” repairs to it!!, we decided she needed a new one. So, I have been there – about 60 kms from where I live, supervising the installation.

And I have also been trying to get a landline and an internet connection (with WiFi) in my flat – and you would not believe the problems I have been having!! Hey folks at the state telephone company, we are in the 21st Century!!

First I was told that there weren’t any available lines in my village – say what?? – then yes, I could have one, then they took ages to sort it out and today, after having waited two hours (!) for the technician to come, I have been told that there is a problem.

Hours later, trying to contact them on the phone, being passed from one department to another, I still don’t have a solution so I am giving up for the day. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life!!

I use a plug in modem and WiFi from my local bar usually but would like to have that in my flat. This is one of the times that I feel like accepting my sister’s invitation to go and live with them back in the UK!! LOL

One Month Mentor Program – Day 6 – Advanced Blogging!

Now we are really getting moving! There are 6 videos to watch today teaching how to use sidebar widgets, video, amongst other things and, most importantly, how to back up your blog.

I wish I had known this before as one of my previous blogs – seems to have totally disappeared into Cyber Space!  I am in contact with my server, HostGator, to see what they can tell me but I am quite upset about it.

Update: I have got my blog back!! I am so happy as I thought it was lost for ever! HostGator managed to restore it for me so kudos for them! So, as I said in my other post, if in doubt or you have a problem, ask someone.


So this is a really good thing to know and to do regularly. I should set myself a day of the week to be able to do it every week or all my hard work will just disappear.

I am still waiting on Adsense to say yea or nay but John has shown us how to use another source of revenue  if we are having trouble with them. It might be my fault as I cannot remember which email account I used when I applied!! I think I will go back to Day 2 when he showed us how to do it and try again.

This source of revenue, instead of Adsense, is actually free to his One Month Mentor members so that is a great deal!!

I am going to set up an Excel Spreadsheet with all this information otherwise it is so easy to lose track of things. I also need to write down my passwords for various websites as I am losing track. I tend to use the same one but that seems to be a bad idea.

John has also shown us how to add YouTube videos to our posts which is great as using videos is the way to go nowadays. I am definitely going to try that out.

I know this video has nothing to do with the course but I just love Sam and Dean from “Supernatural” And this song! LOL

Learning a lot and John’s support desk is still helping me when I have any problems.

One Month Mentor Program – Day 5 – Your Blog Set Up Is Complete!

Well done if you have made it up to here as it means that your new blog is now looking pretty good!!

 If you have just found my blog, well obviously you won’t notice any difference to what is was like a couple of weeks ago. But I can assure you that it is so much better than when I started. And if you have visited before, then I am sure you will notice a big difference. (Thanks for visiting – much appreciated!  )

Today we learnt how to install the blog graphics that we ordered on Day 2. I must say I am extremely happy with the company and the speed at which they got back to me with some minor changes that I had been thinking about. So kudos to them!

The only thing I am missing is Adsense but that is not John’s fault at all. He mentions that this may take time so to go on with the course then come back and look at the video about it again.

So I am keen to get on with Day 6.  Let’s go!!

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – But Are Yours Legal?

I am sure you have noticed that I add a picture to the start of every post. I think it looks great as they are    relevant to what I am writing.

 Also I read that posts with pictures get more views than those without. People tend to look at the image before even reading the title. If they like what they see they tend to stay. Which is of course exactly what we want!!

But did you know that you can’t just go to Google Images, find something you like and copy and use it? There are copyright issues here. Believe it or not using copyright images without permission can lead to your site being closed down and even prosecution and a hefty fine. Not what you are looking for if you are trying to get some money from your blog.

On one of the forums I have visited there was the story of a guy who paid someone from one of these “I will do XXXX for $$ XXX”. He  had just been sued for thousands of pounds (I am British) for wrongful use of images. The thing was, when he  got his project back, he used on his website without checking whether the images were copyright free to use or not.

And don’t forget that If you pay peanuts you get monkeys!!


There are several free images sites that you can find a picture you can use but if often takes a lot of time to find the right one. It used to take me ages but now I have bought a great plugin which contains over 180 million different royalty-free images direct in WordPress. Every one of the images  are guaranteed 100% royalty-free. You’ll never have to worry about fraudulent copyright claims. Click here to find out more. And, as you can see all of them come with the correct attribution which you need to put even if you do use stock free photos. You know it makes sense! (Please note that this is an affiliate link so if you buy through this link I get paid a commission which helps to get this site up and running. It makes no difference to the price you pay however so thanks for using it!)

You won’t regret it.  Think of what you could do with all the extra time you save!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!!

One thing you must remember is that you will, unfortunately,  run into problems or set backs from time to time – see my previous posts. But, there is always someone out there who can help you but you have to ask!

While you are following  the One Month Mentor course you have the support desk who always answer your questions quickly.

On my hosting server, Host Gator, I either use a support ticket or the live chat and they have always been able to give the help I am looking for.

Another case in point is that I wanted to become an affiliate for a plug in I had bought. I contacted the website that was offering it and to my dismay – I was denied!! No reasons were given so I didn’t know how to fix the problem if it happened again.

So as I was on the seller’s mailing list I got in contact with him directly and explained that I was disappointed not to have been accepted and asked the reason why.

The very next day he replied and explained his reasons – which were very understandable. But, he pointed out that as I had contacted him directly, he would be able to approve himself me for any other of his products. (He couldn’t do anything about the original product as once it  was denied by the “go between”  company it was irreversible unfortunately).

So now I know that I should always contact the product owner directly before asking to be approved by the website go between.

There you go  – if you don’t ask you will never know!! Be brave and just do it!!



One Month Mentor Program – Day 4 – A Few Snags

Day Four

Well, I had to contact the support desk again as something I was trying to do, following John’s instructions, was not working out. I will keep you updated with my progress but I don’t want to stop.

Update: The support desk has come back to me and advised me to contact my hosting service as  some of the details I have may be incorrect so I have contacted them and am waiting for an answer.

The graphics company has been back to me, and very quickly, about the graphics for the website. My contact actually contacted me on a Sunday – very cool. We are working on the setup and he is sending me some ideas. I am very impressed with the service.

Update: We have been looking at several designs and each time they have come back to me very quickly with more ideas. At the moment I am torn behind two. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Today there are 6 videos with a downloadable worksheet which I am making notes on.

I feel a bit like I am falling behind on the tasks as I should be further on than this but encourage myself but telling myself that it is better to fall behind than give up altogether.

I am still waiting for confirmation on Adsense but, as John says, I am pushing on. I hope I might manage a couple of days in just one day once I get the snags sorted out.  I don’t want to get to the end of the month and just be on Day 5 or 6 as this will discourage me.

Again, the steps are clear and the snags will be overcome!! Be positive my friend!!


One Month Mentor Program – Day 3 – More Posts and Adsense

  Day 3.

There are 3 videos to watch with a downloadable work sheet.

In the first one John encourages us to keep on blogging – so here I am!

He also shows us how to sign up for a Google Adsense account – something I have never done and wasn’t even sure exactly what it was. So, I will do it exactly as he says.

John also encourages us to get some custom made graphics for our site which I really want to do as these look so much more professional and I would like a header with my photo. As I have no idea how to do this I will get some made. John gives us a link where he has negotiated a special price for his One Month Mentor members. It’s a pretty good price too.

This time John does mention that some things may take a bit of time but we should go ahead with the daily tasks as they come in and not to panic! So worry free zone in my house!!