About Me

 Hi. As you can see from the blog title my name is Ann and pleased to meet you

I am originally from London, but for quite a long time I have been living and working in Spain as an English teacher.  I also speak Spanish fluently.

Recently I was made redundant – hard to believe really when people really do need to speak English to get on in life – so I am looking for something to do while I am on the dole. I also thought I needed a bit of a change as I have been an English teacher for quite a long time.

BTW contact me if you would like any English or Spanish clasess!!

My rates are very reasonable!! LOL

Anyway, I have been trying to set up blogs using information I have found on YouTube or by using information I found via Google. However, they were not much of a success and I hardly got any visitors, so when I saw John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor course, I signed up.

I am now setting this blog up using his course and hope I get a few more people interested in visiting me. So, if you are here, please leave a comment or contact me. It would be great to hear from you.