A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – But Are Yours Legal?

I am sure you have noticed that I add a picture to the start of every post. I think it looks great as they are    relevant to what I am writing.

 Also I read that posts with pictures get more views than those without. People tend to look at the image before even reading the title. If they like what they see they tend to stay. Which is of course exactly what we want!!

But did you know that you can’t just go to Google Images, find something you like and copy and use it? There are copyright issues here. Believe it or not using copyright images without permission can lead to your site being closed down and even prosecution and a hefty fine. Not what you are looking for if you are trying to get some money from your blog.

On one of the forums I have visited there was the story of a guy who paid someone from one of these “I will do XXXX for $$ XXX”. He  had just been sued for thousands of pounds (I am British) for wrongful use of images. The thing was, when he  got his project back, he used on his website without checking whether the images were copyright free to use or not.

And don’t forget that If you pay peanuts you get monkeys!!


There are several free images sites that you can find a picture you can use but if often takes a lot of time to find the right one. It used to take me ages but now I have bought a great plugin which contains over 180 million different royalty-free images direct in WordPress. Every one of the images  are guaranteed 100% royalty-free. You’ll never have to worry about fraudulent copyright claims. Click here to find out more. And, as you can see all of them come with the correct attribution which you need to put even if you do use stock free photos. You know it makes sense! (Please note that this is an affiliate link so if you buy through this link I get paid a commission which helps to get this site up and running. It makes no difference to the price you pay however so thanks for using it!)

You won’t regret it.  Think of what you could do with all the extra time you save!

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