One Month Mentor Program – Day 5 – Your Blog Set Up Is Complete!

Well done if you have made it up to here as it means that your new blog is now looking pretty good!!

 If you have just found my blog, well obviously you won’t notice any difference to what is was like a couple of weeks ago. But I can assure you that it is so much better than when I started. And if you have visited before, then I am sure you will notice a big difference. (Thanks for visiting – much appreciated!  )

Today we learnt how to install the blog graphics that we ordered on Day 2. I must say I am extremely happy with the company and the speed at which they got back to me with some minor changes that I had been thinking about. So kudos to them!

The only thing I am missing is Adsense but that is not John’s fault at all. He mentions that this may take time so to go on with the course then come back and look at the video about it again.

So I am keen to get on with Day 6.  Let’s go!!

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