One Month Mentor Program – Day 6 – Advanced Blogging!

Now we are really getting moving! There are 6 videos to watch today teaching how to use sidebar widgets, video, amongst other things and, most importantly, how to back up your blog.

I wish I had known this before as one of my previous blogs – seems to have totally disappeared into Cyber Space!  I am in contact with my server, HostGator, to see what they can tell me but I am quite upset about it.

Update: I have got my blog back!! I am so happy as I thought it was lost for ever! HostGator managed to restore it for me so kudos for them! So, as I said in my other post, if in doubt or you have a problem, ask someone.


So this is a really good thing to know and to do regularly. I should set myself a day of the week to be able to do it every week or all my hard work will just disappear.

I am still waiting on Adsense to say yea or nay but John has shown us how to use another source of revenue  if we are having trouble with them. It might be my fault as I cannot remember which email account I used when I applied!! I think I will go back to Day 2 when he showed us how to do it and try again.

This source of revenue, instead of Adsense, is actually free to his One Month Mentor members so that is a great deal!!

I am going to set up an Excel Spreadsheet with all this information otherwise it is so easy to lose track of things. I also need to write down my passwords for various websites as I am losing track. I tend to use the same one but that seems to be a bad idea.

John has also shown us how to add YouTube videos to our posts which is great as using videos is the way to go nowadays. I am definitely going to try that out.

I know this video has nothing to do with the course but I just love Sam and Dean from “Supernatural” And this song! LOL

Learning a lot and John’s support desk is still helping me when I have any problems.

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