One Month Mentor Program – Day 4 – A Few Snags

Day Four

Well, I had to contact the support desk again as something I was trying to do, following John’s instructions, was not working out. I will keep you updated with my progress but I don’t want to stop.

Update: The support desk has come back to me and advised me to contact my hosting service as  some of the details I have may be incorrect so I have contacted them and am waiting for an answer.

The graphics company has been back to me, and very quickly, about the graphics for the website. My contact actually contacted me on a Sunday – very cool. We are working on the setup and he is sending me some ideas. I am very impressed with the service.

Update: We have been looking at several designs and each time they have come back to me very quickly with more ideas. At the moment I am torn behind two. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Today there are 6 videos with a downloadable worksheet which I am making notes on.

I feel a bit like I am falling behind on the tasks as I should be further on than this but encourage myself but telling myself that it is better to fall behind than give up altogether.

I am still waiting for confirmation on Adsense but, as John says, I am pushing on. I hope I might manage a couple of days in just one day once I get the snags sorted out.  I don’t want to get to the end of the month and just be on Day 5 or 6 as this will discourage me.

Again, the steps are clear and the snags will be overcome!! Be positive my friend!!


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