Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!!

One thing you must remember is that you will, unfortunately,  run into problems or set backs from time to time – see my previous posts. But, there is always someone out there who can help you but you have to ask!

While you are following  the One Month Mentor course you have the support desk who always answer your questions quickly.

On my hosting server, Host Gator, I either use a support ticket or the live chat and they have always been able to give the help I am looking for.

Another case in point is that I wanted to become an affiliate for a plug in I had bought. I contacted the website that was offering it and to my dismay – I was denied!! No reasons were given so I didn’t know how to fix the problem if it happened again.

So as I was on the seller’s mailing list I got in contact with him directly and explained that I was disappointed not to have been accepted and asked the reason why.

The very next day he replied and explained his reasons – which were very understandable. But, he pointed out that as I had contacted him directly, he would be able to approve himself me for any other of his products. (He couldn’t do anything about the original product as once it  was denied by the “go between”  company it was irreversible unfortunately).

So now I know that I should always contact the product owner directly before asking to be approved by the website go between.

There you go  – if you don’t ask you will never know!! Be brave and just do it!!



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