One Month Mentor Program – Day 7 – Replacing Adsense Ads

Oh, the power of advertising!!

Just two videos today so I may be able to catch up a bit. I don’t want to fall too far behind on my schedule.

Today John shows us how to replace an Adsense ad with an affiliate link. But here I have a few problems.

First, I still haven’t received either a yay or a nay from Adsense so I can’t do this.

And secondly, the links given below the video are wrong. They don’t seem to be valid any more. I am a bit peeved about this as I think that everything should be updated and the correct links given. I have contacted the support desk, yet again, to see if they can give me the correct links but, as I said, I feel everything should be up to date with a paid training course.

As I said , on Day 6, we were given an alternative to Adsense but I didn’t know how to log into this alternative (which is free for One Month Mentor members). I had already contacted the support desk but, on Day 7., we are given a coupon code to be able to sign up for free. I feel that this should have been given on the same day it was mentioned to save both us and the support desk time. (I have contacted them so many times they must be getting fed up with me!! LOL But, I am must say again how helpful they are and their replies are very quick) .

I am going to try this out without replacing an Adsense ad as this seems to be possible with the themes we have already downloaded. Stay tuned to this space for an update!

Update: Well, this did not work at all. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but there are no adverts shown at all. First I am going back to Day 6 to check again the, if not, I will have to contact the support desk again. Sigh!! Not a happy camper today. Fortunately I had saved the original file according to John’s instructions so all is not lost.


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