Where There Is A Will, There IS A Way!!

As you may have seen, and I do hope you have been following my blog, I have not been posting on my progress with the One Month Mentor course. Life, unfortunately, has got in the way!

I have had problems with losing my blog - see this post – and then my daughter has moved back into her flat which she had been renting out. The tenants didn’t exactly look after it. I mean, the maintenance part. She got back to find that the water heater didn’t work and, as the one she had was pretty old with a few”cowboy” repairs to it!!, we decided she needed a new one. So, I have been there – about 60 kms from where I live, supervising the installation.

And I have also been trying to get a landline and an internet connection (with WiFi) in my flat – and you would not believe the problems I have been having!! Hey folks at the state telephone company, we are in the 21st Century!!

First I was told that there weren’t any available lines in my village – say what?? – then yes, I could have one, then they took ages to sort it out and today, after having waited two hours (!) for the technician to come, I have been told that there is a problem.

Hours later, trying to contact them on the phone, being passed from one department to another, I still don’t have a solution so I am giving up for the day. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life!!

I use a plug in modem and WiFi from my local bar usually but would like to have that in my flat. This is one of the times that I feel like accepting my sister’s invitation to go and live with them back in the UK!! LOL

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